Saturday, January 07, 2006

Above Top Secret

COINTELPRO Updates: Above Top Secret Forum

Things have been pretty interesting around here in the past week. Seems that Joe Quinn's critique of the Above Top Secret forum posting about the 757 that did NOT hit the Pentagon has hit a nerve.
The first indication that we had that something was up was the fact that the Signs of The Times site statistics had a bit of a surge.

Now we keep a pretty good eye on our site statistics because we like to know what subjects really interest our readers. So when there is a surge, we know we are doing our job. This is most particularly true with the publication of the Pentagon Strike video: obviously, so many people "resonated" to the facts presented in this video that the current number of viewers is approacing 600 million.

Yes, that's right: 600 MILLION. It will soon be one of the most widely disseminated items ever to be published on the internet.

For the "Powers That Be," that's a problem.

Enter: Above Top Secret Forum...

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