Thursday, September 15, 2005

9/11: Who Done It? Part I

"Apparently 'conspiracy stuff' is now shorthand for unspeakable truth." - Gore Vidal (The Enemy Within)

9/11--Who Done It? - Part I

by Mick Collins
September 14, 2005

911 Who Done It? will take some time--not much, but some. Like the Triangle Shirt Factory fire, you have to look beyond the immediate proprietors to the insurers: Larry Silverstien, Allainzz (and 9 others) Insurance Co, NY Port Authority. But today no one even half a tic more reflective than 'two-gun' Pat Robertson honestly considers the attacks of 911 on NYC and DC to be the work of artisanal Arab Terrorists: they talk about them the way they talk about the fairies at the bottoms of their gardens. Vis à vis the WTC, the world 'collapse' has seemingly been replaced with 'Demolition'; and that 16' entry hole and 100m tunnel through 6 steel reinforced concrete wall of the Pentagon has long since replaced the AA 77 Boeing with a bunker buster Boeing missile--except, strangely enough, by those who seem dependant for support on some sort of rich nationalist business types' or Israeli military intelligence stipends. Remember how Emperor's Clothes stopped its 911 investigation so quickly, it had to have its imperialist jock tweezed outta its sigmoid colon? [read more...]

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Blogger batcave911 said...

i was doing a bit of work on my page..

Denko Mechanical

found some new interesting things, added as links at the bottom.
there seems to be an anthrax connection as well.
also, connection to "whos killing the worlds top microbioligists"

more at WRH

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